Damaged Whirlpool Heating Element Dryer

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After being used for long times, whirlpool heating element may be broken and can’t function well. If this condition happen, so you have to search for new ones. This heating elements usually installed in oven or dryer. When this parts broken, the whole devices will not functioned well. Perhaps, you really like the devices so that you don’t want to buy new ones. You can try replacing the heating element, but first, you must identify which parts is really broken. Here, you will get easy tips on checking broken dryer parts.

Broken Whirlpool Heating Element Dryer
First, you have to check whole whirlpool heating element to know which parts is damaged. If dryer have good whirlpool heating element installation, it will not have blasted circuit breaker. For turning of a dryer, it must receiving 110 volts, but 220 volts is needed to heat. Usually, dryer circuits containing a pair of circuit breakers placed on the dryer power button. In some conditions, for example lightning strike, one breaker may blow but the other one is not. Just simply resetting circuit breakers will fixes the dryer and you don’t have to go to electric reparation. Blasted circuit breaker is commonly happens so you can checking it when your dryer can be turn on but does not supply heat.

whirlpool heating element

Crushed Whirlpool Heating Element
Another components to examine is whirlpool dryer heating element, which so easy to determine it is have bad or good condition. Only use your eyes to check the whirlpool heating element installation functioning proper or not. Mostly Whirlpool dryer products have its heating element on back side, so you must removing backside of the dryer.
However, some Whirpool dryers have heating elements beneath the drum, so you have to remove dryer frontside. Important to remember, before you remove the dryer components, you must disconnect its power for your safety. This heating element roll seems like lie down door springs. If there are any breaks in the coil, it means that your dryer heating element is damaged. On the contrary, your dryer have good heating elements if you don’t see any breaks in the coil. If the first condition happens, you have to replacing its whirlpool heating element to make your dryer functioned well again.


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