Sophisticated Whirlpool Microwave for Better Food Taste

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Experience amazing cooking in your kitchen with whirlpool microwave that very convenient to bake delicate food. Whirlpool has three variants on microwave products: countertop, oven combo, and over the range microwave. Each types have specific details for various purpose. Either you want a microwave for home cooking purpose or bakery industry, Whirlpool served right variants options. This brands also well-known for its high quality. Not only good quality, the microwave from Whirlpool has luxury designs so that your kitchen will be looks more extravagance. It comes in black and monochrome color, which like microwave that use in professional five star kitchen. Here, you will get whirlpool microwave reviews which can be considered before purchasing this products.

Whirlpool Microwave
Countertop Whirlpool Microwave
Kitchen in your home will be more delightful with Whirlpool microwave that can place exactly on countertops. This types is known as Whirlpool countertops microwave for everyday cooking at home. There are five countertops microwave by Whirlpool that can you choose. First type, Whirlpool countertop Microwave with greater capacity which has 2.2. cubic foot capacity, modern sensor cooking also luxurious recessed glass turntable.
This Whirlpool microwave type have two wonderful color choices: silver and black-silver color. Second type is similar with the first type, but this  Microwave has 1,200 Watts power. The second types come in black on silver stainless steel color. Third type has electronic touch system for controlling, and only need 700 watts power. Compare to other types,  this type is saving more energy. Each product of this type has white and black color which brings extravagance looks.
Small Whirlpool Microwave
If you don’t have enough spaces on kitchen countertops for microwave, the fourth types is right product for you. This type has smaller size than the other types. This microwave really fit for a dinner plate, so you simply heat up a soup can or waffles with it. Besides its fancy small size, this types has other fascinating features: 30 seconds feature and tap touch system for controlling. Other wonderful feature on this small microwave is Quick Touch Popcorn Button. Popcorn making will be more fun and easy with this microwave. A lot of people who purchase this small Whirlpool microwave products have high satisfy reports. A lot of compliments come or its flexibility and good performance.



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